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Stanley Kurtz is an adjunct fellow of Hudson Institute and a fellow at the Hoover Institution with a special interest in America's "culture war." In addition to his regular contributions to National Review Online, Kurtz's writings on the family, feminism, homosexuality, affirmative action, and campus "political correctness" have appeared in Policy Review, The Wall Street Journal, and Commentary.

Before turning his attention to America's cultural battles, Kurtz was a social scientist specializing in family life and religion. He received his Ph.D. in social anthropology from Harvard University and later taught at Harvard, winning several teaching awards for his work in a "Great Books" program. Kurtz was also Dewey Prize Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Chicago.


02/02/2004 Weekly Standard
The End of Marriage in Scandinavia: The "conservative case" for same-sex marriage collapses.

05/31/2004 Weekly Standard
Going Dutch? : Lessons of the same-sex marriage debate in the Netherlands.
From the May 31, 2004 issue

February 03, 2006 NRO Articles:
Dissolving Marriage

May 17, 02 NRO Articles
Reassurances Against Reality

06/02/06 NRO Article
Smoking Gun - The Netherlands shows the effect of same-sex marriage

02/23/06 NRO Article
Standing Out - The sharp increase of non-marital births in the Netherlands needs some explaining.

10/30/06 NRO Article
Avoidance Strategy - What about marriage in the Netherlands?

Friday, May 13, 2005 NRO Articles
Courting Fma

Support of the Scandinavian Thesis
Open Letter To Dutch Newspapers By a group of Dutch Scholars confirming the thesis that the Netherlands has experienced greater family breakdown since the introduction of same-sex unions.

Original in Dutch {8/7/04 THE HAGUE--In an open letter to this newspaper, five academics raise the alarm over the deteriorating state of marriage in The Netherlands.}
English Translations

Original in Dutch -Interview with two signers
English Translations- Interview with two signers

June 29, 2004 National Review Online By Joshua Livestro
Dutch Decline Losing interest in matrimony.

Febuary/March 2005 Policy Review
Demographics and the Culture War
The implications of population decline

#2. MARRIAGE RADICALS – The full extent of the worldview behind the same-sex “marriage” agenda and the power it holds.

10/31/06 NRO Article
The Confession - Have same-sex-marriage advocates said too much?

11/01/06 NRO ARTICLE
The Confession II - “Conservative” proponents of same-sex marriage are about to overtaken by radicals.

05/25/06 NRO Article
Zombie Killers- AKA “Queering the normal”

02/22/06 NRO Article
Fanatical Swedish Feminists -


08/04/2003 Weekly Standard
Beyond Gay Marriage: The road to polyamory.
From the August 4 / August 11, 2003 issue

December 23, 2005 NRO Article
Triple-Dutch Wrong

03/13/06 NRO Article
Big Love, From The Set

06/05/2006 Weekly Standard
Polygamy Versus Democracy You can't have both.

I. Media Examples

September 10, 2007 New York Times By KIRK JOHNSON
In Polygamy Country, Old Divisions Are Fading

18th April 2007 U.K Daily Mail By Staff
Polygamous husbands can claim cash for their harems

March 20,2006 Newsweek Magazine By Elise Soukup
Polygamists, Unite! They used to live quietly, but now they're making noise.

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