Threats Same--sex "marriage" poses to Libety.

This Section is reserved for those links that deal with same-sex “marriage” impositions on liberty issues

Religious Liberty threats

#1. British Adoption Conflict Articles

22 March 2007 The U.K. Independent By Colin Brown
Labor wins gay rights vote in Lords

February 8, 2007, First Things, By Ryan T. Anderson
Moralism and UK Adoption Laws

Sun 28 Jan 2007 Scotland on Sunday By EDDIE BARNES & BRIAN BRADY
Church: we'll make gay rights martyrs

31/01/07 UK Telegraph By Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
Regulation must not trump conscience;jsessionid=IDF4MB1QSSLMBQFIQMFCFF4AVCBQYIV0?xml=/opinion/2007/01/31/do3102.xml#comments

1/30/2007 U.K Telegraph by George Jones, Political Editor
Church loses opt-out fight over gay adoptions;jsessionid=AMIDOOJLRPHWVQFIQMGSFFOAVCBQWIV0?xml=/news/2007/01/30/ngay30.xml

1/30/07 Guardian Unlimited by Patrick Wintour, Will Woodward and Stephen Bates
Catholic agencies given deadline to comply on same-sex adoptions,,2001834,00.html

March 09, 2007, NRO By David Frum
Can Religious Freedom Survive Gay Liberation? – An overview of the cost to human liberty as demonstrated through the British adoption controversy

#2. Boston Adoption Controversy

March 11, 2006, Boston Globe By Patricia Wen
Catholic Charities stuns state, ends adoptions-Gay issue stirred move by agency

#3. General Aricles On the threat to Religious Liberty

05/15/2006, The Weekly Standard by Maggie Gallagher
Banned in Boston - The coming conflict between same-sex marriage and religious liberty.

April 2004 First Things by Raymond J. de Souza
“Thinly Disguised Totalitarianism”

January 25, 2005 CBC News By Staff
B.C. lesbians fight to hold wedding reception in Catholic hall

Nov. 30 2005, By News Staff
B.C. tribunal awards lesbian couple damages

April 20, 2007 E-Media News PARIS, TX (PRWEB)
Church To Sanction Same-Sex Marriages- First Nation Church Removes Ban On Gay, Lesbian Unions

#4. Free Speech Threats

May 16, 2007 Chicago Tribune By Staff
Teens face hate-crime charge for anti-gay flier,0,5098417.story?coll=chi-education-hed

April 29, 2007, Huston Chronicle By Associated Press
Archbishop opposed to same-sex unions is threatened

March 5, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle by Bob Egelko
Appeals court sides with Oakland on removal of 'natural family' sign

February 01, 2007 Canadian Press By Jennifer Graham
Same-sex couple alleges discrimination by Saskatchewan marriage commissioner

October 12, 2004, CNN WORLD NEWS, By Staff
Berlusconi blasts EU rejection

January 29, 2005 Washington Post Foreign Service By Keith B. Richburg and Alan Cooperman
Swede's Sermon on Gays: Bigotry or Free Speech? -Pastor Challenges Hate-Law Restrictions

January 25, 2007 By Newscenter Staff
French Politician Fined Under Gay Hate Law

Winter 2007, City Journal By John Leo
Free Inquiry? Not on Campus - And the college speech police threaten the liberty of us all.

May & June 1998, Policy Review
Think welfare policy undermined the family? Try reading a few college textbooks

I. The David Parker Case - Massachusetts law suit centered on the ability of a parent to be not have his child exposed to same-sex "marriage" propaganda in public schools setting.

April 29, 2005 Boston Globe By Maria Cramer and Ralph Ranalli,
Arrested father had point to make - Disputed school's lesson on diversity

February 24, 2007 Boston Globe By Jonathan Saltzman
Same-sex teaching upheld

This Site has full details of this case.

II. Others

31 May 2007 U.K Daily Mail By LAURA CLARK
Don't teach that marriage is best say academics

May 13, 2007 Hartford Courant By Associated Press
Suit: Sub Showed 'Brokeback' in Class,0,6787544.story

March 7, 2007, Chicago Tribune By Lisa Black
School accused of promoting homosexuality,1,5590132.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true
March 08, 2007 Fox News
Freshman 'Orientation' on Gay Experiences Angers Parents in Illinois High School,2933,257748,00.html

2nd April 2007 UK Daily Mail By LIZ HULL
Police send four police officers to tackle boy, 11, who called schoolmate 'gay'

February 5, 2007 Townhall By Jay Sekulow
You’re Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage--You Must be a Member of the Ku Klux Klan

March 15, 2007, UK Telegraph By A.P. Reporter
Same-sex fairy tales,22049,21386285-5006007,00.html


July 25, 2004 NYT By DANIEL OKRENT
THE PUBLIC EDITOR; Is The New York Times a Liberal Newspaper?

February 11, 2007, NYT By BYRON CALAME
THE PUBLIC EDITOR Can a 15-Year-Old Be a ‘Woman Without a Spouse’?


March 9, 2004 New York Times By Don S. Browning-Contributor
The Liberal Case Against Same-Sex Marriage

December 02, 2006 The London Times
Gay pacts go straight as lovers get cold feet over the ties of marriage

March 25 2007, Associated Press By GREG BLUESTEIN
Lesbian asks court to ban gay adoptions

Aug 15, 2006 Weekly Standard By Ryan T. Anderson
"Beyond Gay Marriage"; The stated goal of these prominent gay activists is no longer merely the freedom to live as they want

I. A United Kingdom legal case brought by two sisters concerning the denial of benefits to same-sex households merely on the basis of blood relations.

02/09/2006 U.K. Telegraph By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor
Sisters go to court over 'gay bias' in tax laws

13/09/2006 U.K. Telegraph By Joshua Rozenberg, Legal Editor
Treat us like lesbians, say sisters in tax fight

October 11, 2006, First Things By Ryan T. Anderson
The Family vs. the State – Brief sketch of the significance of the sisters (above) case.


Fitz said...

Companies like Disney (Ford, Wall-Mart Ect) don’t fear Boycotts.. What they fear is the press and elite opinion. Focus on the Family can boycott anything they want and no one will really notice. But GLAAD or some other interest group on the left launches a charge that X or Y company is “discriminatory” and the whole media lights up.

These companies aren’t exactly eager to give away prohibitively expensive “partner benefits” even to legitimately married men & woman. Yet years back most of them bent over backwards to offer them to homosexual couples. The “why exactly” of that story is one you wont be seeing on 60 minutes.

As far as Walkers “impeccably Hayekian fashion, as folkways appear on the ground and are gradually ratified by imitation”– well, if Yale University and the NYT are ground up folkways…then what is this….
57-43 = Oregon, 59-41 = Michigan, 62-38 = California, 62-38 = Ohio, 66-34 = Utah, 67-33 = Montana, 71-29 = Kansas, 71-29 = Missouri, 73-27 = North Dakota, 75-25 = Arkansas, 75-25 = Kentucky, 76-24 = Georgia, 76-24 = Oklahoma, 78-22 = Louisiana, 86-14 = Mississippi, 56-44 = Colorado, 63–37 = Idaho, 74-26 = South Carolina, 52-49 = South Dakota, 82-19 = Tennessee, 57-43 = Virginia, 60-40 = Wisconsin..

How does that fit in???

Fitz said...

e672hotmail.com ?
newsid=18352736&BRD=2729&a mp;PAG=461&dept_id=569342& amp;rfi=6

Fitz said...

"Definition of “homophobia” by young Jewish man -- “I’m no Nazi, I’m a Jewish American, and I don’t believe people should be given special rights based on who they have sex with.”

A man in a wheelchair explains what “innate” and “immutable” mean --“Sex is an option, but cerebral palsy isn’t.”

African-American male says being gay is not an ethnicity --“Our parents did not march with Dr. King so Tom and John could get married.”

Gay man assures straights not to be scared of gay marriage --

Dr. Robert Spitzer, a renowned psychiatrist who helped remove homosexuality as a disorder from the medical manual, is sympathetic to gay rights and maintains that some gays can change their sexual preference -- Gay rights also includes the right of gays who want to explore their heterosexual potential. . ."

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